New Corporate Office in Murrysville!!!

 4261 William Penn Highway, Suite 400, Murrysville, PA
Our corporate office in Murrysville provides a 2nd location for tenant convenience! The Greensburg office will be there as always, for tenants, contractors, and suppliers!



We now accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and all major credit cards.
(A 4.75% processing fee will be added to each payment made).

Text or Call (724) 640-3470 to make a payment.


KMP now has a Mobile App!!!


We Re-purpose Materials!!

KMP tries to use reclaimed building materials to upgrade our properties and to do our part for the environment! This piece of slate, from a discarded pool table, has been transformed into a kitchen counter.


433 North Maple Avenue

Our 433 N. Maple Avenue property is located in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Greensburg! It is in the heart of Academy Hill Historic District and it is a great place to call "home!" This beautiful neighborhood is a half-block from the Cathedral and it is nestled between beautiful Tudors, colonials, and other early Greensburg building styles.

The building consists of:
  • Three floors with five 2-bedroom apartments
  • Lazy front porch for reading and relaxing
  • Lush grass-covered yard
  • Coin-op laundry facilities
  • Individual interior brass mailboxes in the main entryway
  • Private basement storage
  • Off-street parking and much more
Each apartment offers: 
  • Large, warm living area
  • Eat-in-Kitchen with appliances
  • Central air conditioning and heating
  • Carpeting and/or hardwood floors
  • Each tenant has a 12-month lease and pays a monthly rent.
  • Tenants pay for electric, gas and garbage collection.


41 Division Street

Our property at 41 Division Street is centered within a neighborhood that is transforming into a “Historic District” type of area! The other properties surrounding our building have been updated, but all maintain their historic style. The building is located between the two main gateways in and out of Greensburg, Pittsburgh and Otterman Streets and is just two blocks away from the hospital.

The building consists of:
  • Five apartments
  • Large coin-operated laundry room
  • Individualized basement storage
  • 24-Hour fire protection
  • Secure main entrance 
  • Large grass-covered yard
  • On-Site Laundry
Each apartment offers:
  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
  • Large, Warm Living Area
  • Eat in Kitchen
  • Appliances
  • Beautiful view of the city
  • Pet Friendly
  • Every Tenant is Background Checked


519 Sidney Street

Our 519 Sidney Street property is located in a wonderful family-oriented neighborhood in Greensburg. It offers great views of the city and surrounding areas. This neighborhood is home to many young professionals, retirees and working families. The front porch and main door allow access into the first floor apartment of the duplex containing three bedrooms. Private steps on the left side of the building allow access to the 2nd floor, two bedroom apartment.

The second floor apartment consists of:

  • Living room
  • Large Eat-in-Kitchen
  • Appliances Included
  • Central Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Carpeting and Tile Flooring
  • Access to a private storage in the full attic
  • Rear patio
  • Private Laundry Room with Hook-ups
  • Shared grass-covered backyard
  • Tenants pay monthly rent, garbage collection fee and pet rent if applicable


4261 William Penn Highway

Our office building is located in the heart of Murrysville! The 1st Floor is the main/ground floor on Route 22.

This office space consists of:
  • A main entrance
  • Open floor plan for numerous offices
  • Kitchen area
  • Conference room
  • Restroom and more
  • New heating and air conditioning system as of 2009
  • The parking lot hold 10-15 cars that circles the office building.
  • Roadside electric signage comes with all leases.
  • New signage is due to be up soon!
 Office Building Specifications; we will build to suit!


 (866) 220-4873

Fax: (724) 519-9530