"THANK YOU!" to our Business Partners
Working with them, helps drive our success and growth!

 We at KMP FLP, Inc give thanks to the great relationship we have with each of our business partners.  Our business partners support us as contractors, materials suppliers, bankers, legal professionals, marketing, local universities, information specialists, the many neighbors where our properties are located, and the government officials where we reside.  These groups of support professionals help us to control our cost of doing business, run efficiently, save time, and continue to grow to stay in business.Our tenants see this great partner support indirectly, by receiving the smallest rent increases annually in our region.  We would like to encourage our many tenants to support these partners directly.


KMP Contractor Work Center!

Did you know that KMP maintains a fully stocked work center in the middle of Greensburg? This location was selected, because it is located geographically in the middle of all of our buildings. Our buildings are located in Murrysville, Greensburg, and Latrobe.

 The KMP Work Center stocks many items needed to assist our contractors when a repair is needed. We have appliance replacements on-hand as well, like air conditioners, cooking ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers, etc. We also keep many plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and general remodeling supplies on hand for quick repairs. All repairs are completed by KMP approved contractors.

 Every tenant’s stay with us is a good experience!



   No Apartment Key Needed!

  The KMP "E-Lock Project" got some very positive feedback from current tenants in several buildings. The E-Lock (Electronic Lock) Project was started to see if the net cost for the program would be worth the convenience for our tenants.

 The E-Locks offer each tenant their own 4 - 8 digit code. KMP management has a secondary code for access for repairs, emergencies, or other need entries. The locks are expensive to purchase, and can range from $75 - $130 per lock, not including the installation costs.

They do offer a savings side, like the elimination of changing locks when a tenant moves, or the need for management to carry a full set of keys at all times. The best advantage is seen by our tenants. They have the convenience not to worry about taking keys with them or being locked out in case of a loss of traditional keys!




 Thank you for visiting KMP FLP, Inc!

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